Hotel Management In Abroad

Building on the knowledge acquired during the first year of the programme (Postgraduate Diploma),

students will continue to develop their skills and understanding. This industry-accredited Master degree

provides students with an intensive semester of practicing managerial and leadership skills required by

the industry for tomorrow’s executives. Theory modules guide the students towards a deep

understanding of the fundamentals of classic business theory and the critical thinking skills

needed to question, re-design and find solutions.

​Responding to the relevant drivers of change in today’s market, students analyse opportunities and

threats and develop strategies pertaining to the global industry workforce, consumer behaviour,

financial decision making and marketing. Equipped with sound business principles, students then

design their own Food & Beverage business, social and MICE events and wellness-related

promotional activities.

​Through its wide range of real-life outlets, covering both Food & Beverage and Wellness,

the SHMS Leysin campus provides unique opportunities to practice the much-coveted managerial

skills and leadership styles.

Master of International Business in Hotel & Resort Management

(with specialization)

Year 1

Hotel, Resort & Wellness Management

  • Resort Management
  • Swiss Hospitality Excellence
  • Strategies for Leadership
  • Managing Cultural Diversity
  • Consumer Intelligence & Value Creation
  • Hospitality Sales & Marketing
  • Sustainability Business Models
  • Global Hospitality Trends
  • Financial Decision Making
  • Resort, Restaurant and Spa Operations (Labs)
  • Business Design for Hotels, Resorts and Wellness
  • Language (level elective)

Internship (4-6 months)

  • Practical Experience

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