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Go Swiss is a channel created by Go Abroad Training Institute for students in India. It offers a tremendous range of programs with colleges based in Switzerland. We ensure to accommodate the needs of students and cater to their competencies to tap into their potential. By doing so, we can suggest the best program, college and even offer scholarships to help them achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Go Swiss prioritizes providing high-quality services to every compassionate and willful student. This includes IELTS training; shortlisting programs and colleges, interview preparation, visa filing, and post-visa services. Such wide arrays of services are rendered to students so that they may be molded into the best versions of themselves.

Go Swiss feels proud to see all the alumni of Swiss colleges who have prospered and are working in some of the greatest work environments whilst having scintillating profiles built through specialization.

Our Team

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Aslam Sheikh

Managing Director






Go Swiss is representing reputed Swiss colleges focusing on career building by offering huge scholarships to eligible international students.

These scholarships may range from 4% to 30% of the program fee. It enables parents to save huge amounts and makes them feel comfortable.

Eligibility Criteria:

You may be eligible for a Scholarship depending on one or more of the following criteria below:

  •  Past Academic Qualification
  •  Successful Clearing Scholarship Interview
  •  Application to a Specific Intake for Intake Based Scholarships
  •  Early Fee Payment Discount
  •  Discount on Fee Payment in Single Installment
  •  Application Fee Waiver
  •  Free Air Ticket
Scholarship To Students Who Studying In Switzerland

Go Swiss Success Data

Go Swiss feels proud to see all the alumni of Swiss colleges who have prospered and are working in some of the greatest work environments whilst having scintillating profiles built through specialization.

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What Our Students Say

Studying at SHMS Caux Campus was an awesome experience. I came to know about many new things by meeting students of various countries and of different cultures. It helped me a lot in networking with industry professionals around the world. The support of the faculty members was outstanding. They diligently prepare every student to become a successful professional. They help students to recognize their passion and then encourage them to achieve their goals. All thanks to the Go Swiss team for making my dream come true.

Siddharth Tiwari Working at Grand Beach Hotel, Miami Florida

César Ritz Colleges prepared me to face and conquer the real world that is full of challenges. I accomplished my goal of setting up my own business. The student's life at César Ritz Colleges is quite interesting. Students are transformed into future business leaders. They avail plenty of opportunities with the support and guidance of lecturers and placement cells. Whatever I have learned and experienced during my study program made me stronger. I firmly believe that I took the best decision to study at César Ritz Colleges, Switzerland under the guidance of the Go Swiss team.

Abhishek Vishwakarma Cesar Ritz Colleges

I was always passionate about setting up my own business. Therefore, I opted for pursuing Bachelors in Global Business Management from BHMS Switzerland. It is one of the best countries to study, work and live in a peaceful environment. The teachers and all the staff members at BHMS are very caring. They help students to learn new skills and update them with the latest business strategies. The study curriculum with paid internship is quite appealing to students. The career placement team is much focused and helps each student to get hired at the earliest. Overall, Switzerland is the best study destination and I thank the Go Swiss team for guiding me through the admission process.

Harsh Business Management at BHMS